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The CMRP currently includes the microbiological collections from the following research laboratories:

  • Bacterial Cultures of Biotechnological Interest (Labiogen/UFPR, Palotina)

  • Bioprospecting and Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms (BioGeMM/UFPR)

  • Brazilian Network of Black Fungi

  • Clinical Hospital (HC/UFPR)

  • Collection of Fungi of Clinical Veterinary Interest (PUC/PR)

  • Collection of Plasmids and Mammalian cells (UFPR)

  • Epidemiology and Integrated Disease Management (LEMID/UFPR)

  • Genetics of Microorganisms (LabGeM/UFPR)

  • Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology (UEM)

  • Laboratory of Microbial Biotechnology (LABIM/UEL)

  • Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology (LabMicro/UFPR)

  • Yeast Collections of Industrial Relevance (UTFPR, Ponta Grossa)

Digitization and data recording have been done through the Reference Center for Environmental Information (CRIA) and the SpeciesLink database ( Further information on the on-line catalogue of the CMRP collections can be accessed here.

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